International partnerships

The University of Strasbourg has partners all over the world.
Our strategic partners are Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada.
The United States, Australia, China, India and Central Europe are partnerships to be consolidated and strengthen, particularly through strategic cooperation.
Africa, Latin America, Russia, Singapore and Iran are among the partnerships to explore and develop.  

Our partnerships are on our publisher

Our support systems for the academic community

In order to implement its policy, the University has set up various schemes including, since 2009, a financial support scheme for the mobility of research teachers and administrative staff who wish to initiate international training and research cooperation actions.
The Maison Universitaire Internationale (MUI), a place dedicated to welcoming and supporting international students and teacher-researchers, is a real added value for the region.
The International Relations Department offers you a new way to submit international cooperation projects.
Finally, the Pôle Unique d'Ingénierie (PUI), a support tool for setting up and managing scientific projects with an international dimension, is a system that ensures that research and training project leaders have the best possible chances of funding in order to help these projects succeed.

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