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Langue de l'enseignement : Anglais

Description du contenu de l'enseignement


François Lafarge
Chercheur HDR, Ecole nationale d’administration
Maître de conférences associé, IEP de Strasbourg

General Information
Training programme Bachelor’s Degree in European law systems, University of Strasbourg, Law Faculty Taught since 2014
Language: English
Duration: 16 hours

This is an introductory course which objective is to acquaint (mostly French) students with the fundamental issues of UK administrative law. It gives insights on the “strains” put on UK administrative law by the Brexit.
An important part of the teaching is devoted to explain the vocabulary and the concepts of the subject matter. But the course doesn’t make systematic comparisons with the functional equivalents of the French administrative law. It rather attends to “immerge” students in the rationale of UK administrative law.

Knowledge and skills acquired
Strengthening knowledge and understanding of the legal framework of public administration and administrative action in the UK.
Capacity to tackle administrative law issues in another legal system than the French.

Insights on the main characteristics of the Common Law system and on the UK judicial organisation would be an asset.

Session 1
Theme 1: Constitutional context and constitutional principles (I)

Session 2
Theme 1: Constitutional context and constitutional principles (II)

Session 3
Theme 2: The UK administrative state

Session 4
Theme 3: Legal power and legal acts (I)

Session 5
Theme 3: Legal power ad legal acts (II)

Session 6
Theme 4: Appeals

Session 7
Theme 5: Judicial review (I)

Session 8
Theme 5: Judicial review (II)

Pedagogical approach
Lecture course

Assessment regime
Written examination: one question in one hour


Mark Elliott and Robert Thomas, Public Law, Oxford University Press, 3d ed., 2017

Peter Leyland and Gordon Anthony, Textbook on Administrative Law, Oxford University Press, 8th ed., 2016


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